Adam & Jennifer D. Wayne, NE

“We could build a home and get a lot of equity out of it by putting in our own work. It was exactly what we needed to get into the house of our dreams. We definitely got more for the amount of money that we would have been able to spend. Well thought out plan and timeline. They helped us budget and break everything down so we didn't have to worry at the end that things were going to cost more because it was all figured out right from the beginning. They really went through the planning stages very thoroughly with us. Eased a lot of the pressure of trying to contract a home...knowing there was a system in place to make sure things didn't fall through the cracks. They held our hand every step of the way. Homestead provided a mentor to help guide us because we're not do it ourselves people. We contracted out the majority of the work. Every step of the way they were right there. They put a lot of thought into the services that they provide. A wonderful way to get into a home that is exactly the way we want it.”