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Posted by on November 7, 2019 in Getting Started

Building versus buying a Home

A home is one of the largest investments you’ll make in your life. It’s important to get the items on your checklist. An existing home could be an option, but more than likely, with older existing homes you’ll have renovations and compromises. On the other hand, when building a house yourself there is all brand new systems, paint, appliances all in place with any customization you want and need!

If you’re on the fence of building or purchasing a home, we hope this helps you to make your final decision.  

Building a new home

There are several different benefits to building a house yourself and the first one is customization! You can build the home YOU want. You can add different flooring, bring in a customized floor plan, or add or remove space! When you’re starting from home plans, the only thing stopping you is a budget set in place.

The next reason is location. When a client builds a home, they find the perfect lot for their future home. This lot can be located in the perfect neighborhood with the best schools and amenities and in over six months a client will have their dream home. There isn’t a need to compromise on the house and the lot.

You will finally be saying goodbye to fixer-up projects for the next couple of years. The home you purchase might not have enough square footage, smaller rooms, no basement, a kitchen that needs remodeled and more on the list. This can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars each year. Plus, you never know what’s behind those walls in an older home until you start tearing everything down.

At Homestead Homes, all of our client’s new builds are energy star certified. This means all your appliances, windows, doors, and floor plans are all backed by energy star features and design models. One energy star appliance can save you $400-600 on your utility bill.

A new home could be even better for your health! Experts have stated that when someone is building a home it’s less likely to have asbestos, lead paint, mold issues, pest issues and other common problems with buying an already existing home.

Purchasing a home

When someone purchases an already existing home, it makes the process more convenient. The home is already there and there isn’t any extra labor or work to be done at the moment. The issue with buying a house with convenience in mind is that you might not be getting exactly what you want from the home. Is the convenience of the home being there worth it in the end?

Often times, people will choose to buy an existing home because it’s believed to be more cost effective. A home from the 1960s costs about $148 per square foot. A home from the 1960s could be completely renovated or it could need some serious TLC. With this in mind, think of all the overhead cost of hiring someone to fix electrical, plumbing, HVAC systems, installing a new roof and the list continues to grow.

With an existing home, the landscaping is already there. The grass is already growing and thriving. The sprinkler system is set in place and trees, shrubs and other plants are established. It might seem like a pain to finish a home then think about landscaping, but this offers the ability to start fresh with your own personal touch.

Which choice is the best?

At Homestead Homes, we think the option of building a house yourself is the best choice. Why? This is because the benefits of building outweigh the benefits of purchasing an existing home. Sure, you can buy an existing home in the neighborhood you want but will it check everything off your list? An already existing home was built to accommodate anyone who inhabits it, not just your family.

A home you build yourself, can include your own personal touches, customizations, is energy efficient, checks off your wants and needs and so much more! So, the next time you’re house shopping just contact us for more information!

Home > Recent Updates > Building versus buying a Home