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How to design the best master bathroom!

At Homestead Homes, our company offers home plans for clients looking to build their own home. The best part is that any of these build your own house packages  can be customized to make this your dream home!

Skip the Pinterests boards, this is how to design the master bathroom of your dreams.

The design tips to keep in mind

  1. It’s important to design for the future. As of now, this is your dream master bath, but what about five or 10 years from now? Will this still be the best bathroom you’ve ever step foot in? It’s important to design with aging in place. This allows for adaptation for the future you.  
  2. A nice hot, relaxing shower is great before work, but don’t skimp out on bathroom ventilation. The wrong ventilation system install can wreak havoc on your new bathroom. This is one of the benefits of working with Homestead Homes. One of our trusted vendors deals with bathroom ventilation.
  3. When designing your master bathroom, always remember to design with functionality in mind. The first step is to envision the space and the purpose of this space. As a bathroom specifically designed for you and your partner’s usage, collaborate about the feel, look and function of the space together.
  4. This is critical to any part of the home- always make sure you have enough storage!

Those are the top four design methods when designing and building a master bathroom.

Our build your own house packages offer the following products from leading industry brands and companies.

The bath plumbing

Homestead Homes offers MAAX showers, tubs and shower and tub combinations to all clients as a standard option in all homes. The hardest decision is deciding between a tub/shower combination or a freestanding tub with a separate shower.

A freestanding tub was once thought to be something for the rich and famous, but as designs have changed, this is a common addition to bathrooms. There are over seven styles of freestanding tubs to choose from!

Our build you own house packages offers Whirlpool tubs as well. Why would anyone want a Whirlpool tub over other ones? This is because Whirlpool tubs offers jets, in-line heaters, silent technology to reduce motor noise, foot massage jets, the ability to add chromotherapy options and digitally control it. All of this with one tub!

The design benefits of picking a freestanding tub over  a Whirlpool is that they take up less room. Whirlpools are drop in tubs, which means they have a tile surround that takes up more space in the bathroom.  It all depends on the amount of space you have and the design your going for.


The right bathroom ventilation can help eliminate humidity, airborne odors, control mold and mildew,keep the mirrors from getting steamy and finally keep the paint and wallpaper from peeling! This is why Homestead Homes uses Broan ventilation systems for all bathrooms.

The accessories

The accessories of a master bathroom will tie the entire look together. The faucets, towel racks, and toilet paper holder are just as essential as picking between a freestanding tub or a Whirlpool tub.  At Homestead Homes, all accessories are purchased from Moen to add that nice little bit of bling to your bath!

Current master bathrooms!

Drobnick- Gudenkauf’s master bathroom is the perfect example of taking one of our home plans and customizing the rooms that clients see fit. This master bathroom was designed with aging in place and modern design concepts in mind. The master bath has a tiled walk in shower with a corner soaker tub. Talk about a spa like experience!

Bollwitt This was a large project for this family! A customized home with four bedrooms, two baths and a custom master bathroom with a walk in shower.

Robles family customized their master bathroom with a Whirlpool soaker tub, which is right off the walk in closet! The shower installed is functional and fits the atmosphere and overall design of the master bathroom. This is a current build in progress! We will update everyone once this home is finished!

These are just three examples of how a client can design their master bathroom with functionality, aging in place and great design features all in mind.

The design of a master bathroom is important for anyone who builds their own home. It’s important to get the design features and elements that you want.

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